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THE PHYSIO is still open and is following the NHS England Standard Operating Procedure for COVID-19 and all the accompanying national guidance including infection control advice.

The practice remains open in the face of COVID-19 because: • As a frontline healthcare worker, the government have confirmed that we are needed to address healthcare issues • The advice that we have received from Public Health England and from our professional body is that as long as take the necessary steps, we are safe to treat.

There is an alternative to coming into the clinic - We are getting set up to provide remote consultations and treatments. This will comprise a 30 minute scheduled video call. the consultation and assessments of movements range quality will be assessed . We will then take you through a programme of movements to reduce stress on the painful parts and very specific exercises to facilitate adequate co-contraction of the muscles around the joint and then carefully select teach and practice exercises that will reinforce the correct movements . We are able to utilise Zoom, skype, or FaceTime.

If you would like to rearrange your appointment as a video call please contact us on

Treating You Well

The Physio will not close - but how we treat you may look different - The Physio have decades of experience and knowledge of muscles and how they move your body we will continue to work with you step by step to retrain the muscles joints tendons nerves and all soft tissues To get maxiumum results and get you functions at the best possible level.

Physiotherapy, Sports Injury Specialitst, Acupuncture, Bowen Therapy, Neurological Physiotherapy (Stroke, Parkinsons, MS), Chronic Fatigue Symptom Relief.

& Keeping You Well

COMING SOON - ONLINE CLASSES - for PILATES, YOGA, FALLS PREVENTION, POSTURE and BALANCE Despite being socially distanced we are committed to ensure your body is fit active and well.