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Not just a load of old Exercises ! We are manual therapy specialists restoring muscles, tendons & fascia

THE PHYSIO, Curing Back Pain, Resolving Sports Injuries, Energising Chronic Fatigue A quality team of Chartered and HCPC Registered Physiotherapists we have decades of experience in curing physical problems and pain, We treat the problem and get to the core improving your fitness your health and wellbeing.

Led by former Head of Physiotherapy for Rolls Royce -Ann Kristina Hammond MSc BSc(Hons), HCPC, MMACP, MAACP, ECBS. The Physio was established to make a physical difference in your life.

We Mobilise, Massage and Motivate with effective hands-on therapies. Try our Sports Massage, Fascial Release, Manipulation, Pilates, and Neurological Rehabilitation. Our patients are consistently delighted by the rapid relief from pain that our treatments deliver.

Treating You Well

Got Heel Pain? - Shockwave Therapy may be the cure 90% of patients reported total relief after 5 treamtents. Got Neck ache - we can make your muscles work properly again. Stiff and Achey knees and ankles? - try our electropuncutre for long lasting releif

Physiotherapy, Sports Injury Specialitst, Acupuncture, Bowen Therapy, Neurological Physiotherapy (Stroke, Parkinsons, MS), Chronic Fatigue Symptom Relief.

& Keeping You Well

CLASSES - max of 6-8 for PILATES, YOGA, FALLS PREVENTION, POSTURE and BALANCE Acupuncture, Bowen Therapy, Fascial Release Technique, Sports Massage. Through our extensive range of theraputic treatments, we ensure you remain the best you can be.